Advantages of a Short Sale

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Advantages of a Short Sale

  1. Some banks are offering cash to the homeowners for their cooperation with a short sale.
  2. In foreclosures, the 2nd TD Heloc loans are usually not deleted from your debt. With a short sale the 2nd TD Heloc loan debt will be reduced or eliminated.
  3. Retain your dignity in knowing you sold your home.
  4. Depending upon the transaction, usually a speedier process.
  5. Prevent less damages to your credit rating.
  6. Relieves the stress of being hounded by the mortgage lender and allows you to stop foreclosure and get a fresh start.
  7. Having a Short Sale Specialist by your side at all times to explain, support and walk you through the process.
  8. Peace of mind.

Effects of Foreclosure

  • It will lower your chances of getting future job opportunities. Especially for many government and law enforcement positions.
  • After foreclosure, credit scores are devastated to a much lower rating.
  • Credit reports are nearly impossible to have repaired and will most likely remain as a negative mark on your personal history for a long period of time.
  • Extremely harsh on future quality of life.
  • Revealing a foreclosure on the credit report will greatly affect all future loans with higher interest rates.
  • Find yourself homeless because a poor credit report will make it difficult to relocate.
  • Lack of self-esteem and self-worth which can lead to depression.
  • Serious negative impact on your community & neighbor’s home value.
  • Possible lawsuit from the lender.
  • Embarrassment among family and friends.

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