For Sale By Owner


Many people believe they can save a considerable amount of money by selling their homes themselves. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but while you may be willing to take on the task, are you qualified? Following are some questions to help you realistically assess what’s involved:

DO you have the knowledge, patience, and sales skill needed to sell your home?

IF your Buyer is aggressive, CAN you negotiate a successful outcome for yourself?

DO you know how to determine the current market value of your home?

ARE you aware of conditions in the marketplace today that affect value of your home?

ARE you aware of conditions in the marketplace today that affect value and length of time to sell?

DO you know how to determine whether or not a Buyer can qualify for a loan?

ARE you concerned about having strangers walking through your home?

DO you understand the steps of an escrow and what’s required of you and the Buyer?

ARE you familiar enough with real estate regulations to prepare a binding sales contract? Counter-offers?

ARE you aware that every time you leave your home, you are taking it off the market until you return?

HAVE you made arrangements with an escrow and title company, home warranty company, pest-control service and lender to assist you with the transaction?

DO you need to hire a real estate attorney? If so, DO you know what the cost will be and how much liability they will assume in the transaction?

DO you know how to advertise effectively and what the costs will be?

ARE you aware that prospective Buyers and bargain hunters will expect you to lower your cost because there’s no Realtor® involved?

DO you understand the various types of loans Buyers may choose and the advantages and disadvantages for the Seller?

ARE you prepared to give up your evenings and weekends to show your home to potential Buyers and “just-looking” time wasters?

Before you make the decision to try to sell your home alone, consider the benefits a Realtor® can provide that you may not be aware of. Only you can determine whether you should attempt to sell your home-probably your largest investment-all alone. Talk with a Realtor® before you decide. You may find working with a professional is a lot less expensive and much more beneficial that you ever imagined!